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Guitar Lessons And Tips - How To Reduce The Fear Of Public Performance And Control Your Nerves

Posted by admin

Stage fright is more prevalent than people think, and it's another manifestation of the most common aversion in the world, namely - speaking in front of an audience! This surprising fact was uncovered after a survey commissioned in 1980, during which 1000 members of the general public were quizzed about their greatest phobia and asked to choose from a list, which included public speaking. Public speaking was the number one choice beating options such as illness, car accidents, death, death of a loved one and animal phobia. Evidently appearance before an audience is a big phobia for people generally.

The guitar is actually a comparatively easy musical instrument to play however it is also not an instrument anyone can just pick up and learn immediately.

For a guitarist, or any musician, this raises obvious problems. Not only does our manner and way of talking change, but our physical performance can be radically affected by nerves. Picture a guitarist finger picking a complex tune suddenly struck by nerves. The situation could quite easily ruin his performance. I've always said that for the vast majority of performers, we only see about 80% of their skill, as the rest is repressed by the occasion. It's one thing to play very well during guitar lessons , but another thing entirely to show the same level of skill in front of 500 people. Of course, this is not true every time. Some performers use the fear to enhance their performances.

If you have an appearance around you can certainly see the a few different flash games as well as programs which are fun enough to play, a bit like DJ Hero, even though when you get down to it you will not be making any real music using these kinds of games.

BB King once confessed that he suffers from nerves before each and every performance, fearing that this time he wouldn't be any good, and that the audience wouldn't enjoy it! What can a blues guitar player do to minimize the impact of nerves?

Firstly, breath deeply and take control of your body. Nerves are a thing of the mind and these thoughts are your enemy in this situation. Keep in mind that the audience do want you to succeed - they are your friends. Next, begin the set with a strong, but simple song with a driving beat but not a lot of complicated finger work. Bring down the skill level for the early songs and grow your confidence. If you think that nerves are causing a problem later on in your performance, simplify the music. Hit one note where there is normally two (or three) - believe me, people won't be aware of this. Keep the rhythm. Bear in mind that people would rather hear a simple acoustic guitar piece played confidently than hear a musician just about manage to play a more difficult piece, it's just not comfortable to listen to.

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