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Guitar Lessons Advice - Who Would Be One Of The Old Musicians Chosen To Represent The Blues?

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If someone were asked which old blues musicians they would nominate to represent blues music, it would be a daunting task. Of course, we think about people such as Eric Clapton and BB King, but where would those two be without the ground work laid down almost a hundred years ago? Additionally, there are various forms of blues music, including Carolina, delta, ragtime, bottleneck and others.

Something novice guitarists want to know is whether they can possibly learn to play the guitar without having to pay for classes. This is quite possible, especially since we can find out many guitar players in action in close proximity on video.

When I first became interested in blue guitar lessons, my teacher was fanatical about Robert Johnson, maintaining that he personified blues, at least as far as acoustic blues went. Actually, the hysteria surrounding the celebrated Johnson has served to eclipse some of the fantastic musicians that created this form of music. The list is enormous - John Hurt, Son House, Willie Johnson, Blind Blake, Willie McTell, BB Fuller and Reverend Gary Davis for starters. It's a fact that several blues men were really influential, and Johnson was definitely in this category, but many other blues men's' songs have become classics in a way that RJ songs never did.

Jamorama is really a comprehensive guitar system that could teach you to play in an enjoyable too as successful way.

Scrapper Blackwell's 'Nobody Know You When You're Down and Out', for instance is known all over the world. Actually, the song that Johnson is best known for, 'Sweet Home Chicago' is just a copy of Scrapper's 'Kokomo Blues'. It's a bit sad that Blackwell died relatively poor and without being well known - in his prime he was a rock star. Other greats such as Big Bill Broonzy made hundreds of records in the thirties and forties. His creations 'Saturday Night Shuffle' and 'Hey Hey' surely rank amongst the very best examples of Chicago blues. In the category of ragtime guitar, Blind Blake was simply the best and for Gospel guitarists, Reverend Gary Davis was the king. It's possibly more appropriate to say that Johnson performed stunning blues in the delta style, but is a long way from being the one to represent the entire gamut of blues music.

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