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Blues Guitar Lessons Tips And Advice - The Best Guitar Teacher May Not Be The Flashiest Guitarist Around

Posted by admin

The best teacher to show you how to play blues guitar may not be the most superior guitarist in town, which might seem like a bit of a contradiction. Of course we want the guy to be able to play, but we need much, much than flashy technique - to learn blues guitar, there's more to mastering an instrument than just finger movements.

The guitar is one of the most melodious musical instruments ever made by humans. Though, not as high-pitched and classical as its baby brother, the violin, or its other relative like the cello, the guitar is normally revered to as one of the most romantic and melodious of all instruments.

The flashiest guitarists may be able to talk while they perform complicated pieces (which is not really respectable - it's very cheesy) but can they show someone else how to play just the same? It's no use just saying 'this is the chord structure' or something like that. The top class players went through a particular process that got them where they are, even if the process was unplanned or ad hoc.

The advent of the Internet has revolutionized classical guitar instruction. Basic classical guitar training is starting to become less and less common while online lessons have become more popular.

The sturdiest buildings are built from very good foundations, and learning blues guitar demands that kind of approach. It might appear a little boring to practice those same thumb strokes for hours every day day, but if you can't do it while sleeping, there will be no chance of learning the music you will want to play later on in your studies. Playing good guitar is basically 90% muscular skills - we need to train our muscles to move where we want them to, until they approach the almost autonomous level of automatic actions, like breathing.

Music keyboards have just gotten too good to resist. Keyboard music is a lot more versatile and fascinating than ever before, and the possibilities will only keep on growing.

Of course it's great to watch a guitar player talk his way through a complex finger picking tune, but what is it really achieving, except - 'look look how great I am'!

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